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Prevention Medicine Vs Reactive Medicine

When you have a cough, you call the doctor. When you have a toothache, you call the dentist. Do you call anyone to prevent you from becoming sick? Historically we have grown up with the mindset to call a doctor or medical provider each time we feel bad. Unfortunately, this is a very reactive approach to managing our health but something we have settled and made the norm. While it addresses the immediate issue, it doesn’t allow healthcare practitioners the opportunity to detect and address those issues we don’t see or feel. Each of us is composed of a combination of genes that has been handed down to us through the generations. These combinations can predispose us to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. These conditions can sit quietly in our DNA for years before suddenly rearing their ugly heads. Imagine if you could go to the doctor to determine what underlying health issues reside in your DNA so you could proactively take the steps to minimize your health risks.

The key to the future is proactive medicine rather than reactive. Using aggressive screening measures, preventive clinics are able to detect risk factors for chronic disease states at earlier ages, thus giving us the opportunity to prevent progression of these diseases. This gives us a better chance of maintaining a patient’s health for longer durations rather than having to react to a chronic condition that’s irreversible or has been in place for some time. In addition to adding primary care services, 4 The Health of It is pioneering a new era of healthcare by embracing customized preventive healthcare for patients. They have created a formula of integrating medicine, genetics, and primary healthcare to provide patients with a comprehensive wellness plan customized for the individual patient. The program combines education, diagnostics and vital information using blood work and DNA testing through a customized three-step plan, to help empower you to take control of your personal well-being.

Advanced blood testing reveals underlying conditions and immediate issues needing to be addressed such as heart disease and stroke, autoimmune issues, hormones and vitamin deficiencies. In conjunction with the advanced labs, DNA, through blood or saliva, can be collected to map out your specific genetic blueprint which provides necessary information such as what foods are more beneficial for your genetic makeup, what medications or supplements you metabolize, what type of exercise provides you with optimized results,
and much more. Not only does it help in the prevention process, it also helps with weight loss. That’s vital because obesity can lead to, or complicate any number of life-threatening conditions.

It is vital that you find a Preventive medicine practitioner. At 4 The Health Of It, You will leave the office with the most comprehensive understanding of your body along with a detailed wellness plan that targets and treats immediate issues, and best supports your total health. It’s time to optimize your life through prevention so you can live the best quality of life possible.